Monday, May 23, 2011


I have compiled a small list of fantastic non-profits that need your help. I challenge my fellow photographers to pick an organization (or more than one) and donate your time and talent for a wonderful cause! It can be as simple as once or on a regular basis. Please check out these fabulous organizations.

Help Portrait: A grass-roots movement and challenge to photographers to help out anyone in need with a memory to last a lifetime.

Flashes of Hope: An organization that uses photographers to help build self-esteem in children with terminal illnesses.

The Heart Gallery: An organization that uses photographers to take portraits of children to connect with perspective adoptive families.

Tiny Sparrow Foundation: Photographers help through taking pictures of terminally ill children and their families.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Last chance precious portraits are taken of dying infants and their families.

Photographers without Borders: Professional photographers donate their images from across the world of people and landscapes to be sold and proceeds benefit the locations the images were taken in.

Creative Cares: An organization that connects photographers and artists to non-profit organizations.

Heartsspeak: Photographers of all skill levels are needed to take portraits of adoptable animals in overpopulated shelters at risk of being euthanized.

Operation Love Reunited: Photographers take pictures of military families who's loved ones are soon to be deployed or reunited after a long separation.

There are many other wonderful non-profit organizations that are local to your area or not listed. Getting involved with these organizations is a great way to do something awesome and feel great about sharing your talents!


  1. Angelina,
    i would love to share this post on my blog if that's ok with you! some great ideas here for us photogs to share our talent with others. you have inspired me to do it. and i would love to pass it on.


  2. Sorry it took so long for me to see this post. Please share!